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It takes a little effort to figure out the best car GPS system available in the market today due to the proliferation of GPS enabled equipment. Although GPS technology has been around for many years, it is used more commonly by the military. It is only a few years back that car GPS systems became more widely available in the market. Since it is relatively new and less pervasive, you may not know many people who can tell what the best GPS devices in specific categories are.

As more people become aware of the advantages of having car GPS system, manufacturers have started to take notice and are beginning to release a wider variety of car GPS system with many user friendly features and functions. Since manufacturing volumes have not reached very high levels, prices have not come down as quickly as consumers would like them to. Since car GPS system are normally not cheap, people usually need to do market research before committing to purchasing one. Car GPS devices typically cost a few hundreds of dollars to several thousands. This will depend on the brand and features found these GPS systems. Here are some models to help you get acquainted with some of the best car GPS system available today. You might find something that meets your requirements and hopefully that fits your budget, too.

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1) Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx

This car GPS system is upgraded from its previous model which was a 12 channel SIRF GPS receiver. It contains a slot to plug in the removable disks that contain all your map information. In addition, the disk slot is found inside the waterproof battery compartment. This is a very good feature since you will not fear that your map data will be damaged should you meet with unfavorable weather.

Furthermore, this model obtains signals from satellites at a faster speed. You can even receive GPS signals even if you are surrounded by forested trees or tall buildings. This GPS system costs around $600 and it is considered one of the best car GPS system available today.

2) Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is the next best car GPS system that you can consider to buy. This model is most suitable for hikers, boaters and drivers since its memory card slots allow you to load many maps. It also has waterproof compartments. In addition, the front mounted buttons also make this unit easier to use while on the move or in the car.

What is great about this GPS device is that it is able to measure barometric pressure in the air around you using a sensor. It also comes with a compass sensor. This allows this car GPS system to withstand the toughest conditions. Therefore, it is perfect for people who love outdoor activities and they are able to make use of the information generated by this GPS device.

3) Magellan eXplorist XL Handheld GPS Unit

This model is considered one of the newest but best car GPS systems that have received good reviews with users and consumers all across the country. Furthermore, it is the only unit that is useful for cyclists.

As the design is hardy, it is able to withstand many harsh conditions. This GPS system is perfect for anyone who is constantly traveling and needs to know where their exact location is. This GPS system has an easy to read screen and 14-channel WAAS receiver that will allow you to find out your location with a precision of up to about 9 feet. For this feature alone, it is considered to be one of the best car GPS systems around today.

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