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All I Need Is A Golf GPS To Improve My Game!

When did golf and GPS come together? In the continuing quest to improve golf game scores through various techniques and technologies, even the satellite-based GPS has been tapped by the game of golf. The golf GPS is usually a hand-held device that provides accurate distances on a golf course. This precision in knowing where you are on a course and what to expect ahead will increase your confidence in the game. A golf GPS has the potential to improve your golfing experience and best of all - it may actually lower your scores!

With a golf GPS, the days of searching for sprinkler heads and yardage markers are over. A golf GPS basically will help you indicate your position on the course and will let you know where your ball is. You will also be given indications of how the ball should be hit to get it to the putting green. Golf GPS is also fairly compact and comes usually as a handheld. Many of the more robust models are waterproof and have displays that can be read well in full sunlight.

What do golfers use to establish the distance from the ball to the hole or to another location? They may use GPS devices or rangefinders to determine where they are on the course and then select a suitable club to get the ball to where they want it to go. The golf GPS does not directly improve a golfer's game in terms of physical or technical skills; but it does improve the chances of the golfer getting the ball to the hole with fewer shots since he or she can estimate distances better and choose the appropriate clubs to hit the ball with.

There is a wide variety of opinions regarding the use of rangefinders and other golf GPS devices. There are some who think that it is a form of cheating. Those who are supportive of the use of these devices argue that they are just using current available technology to better estimate distances and in no way does it affect the physical aspects of striking the golf ball. The discussion regarding this issue has somewhat settled since the USGA and R&A have both sanctioned the use of golf GPS and other forms of rangefinders during competition. Many golfers around the world today use golf GPS devices to improve their shot confidence, enhance their golfing experience and lower their golf scores.

For beginners who have just started to play golf, a golf GPS system can be a boon. They can get into the swing of the game more confidently from an early stage and improve the chances of playing the game with the right clubs to get the ball to the hole as precisely as possible. Some golf GPS devices are so sophisticated that it has advanced features to tabulate everything from the wind force to the topographical features of the course. The more technically feature-rich and robust models tend to be very expensive and may not be affordable by most beginners.

The golf GPS has the benefit of allowing many more people to get started with the game of golf and to play it at a higher level of confidence. Although the use of a golf GPS has several advantages, the success of the golfer is not totally dependent on the range finding devices. Success in the game of golf comes from the innate athletic talent, mental strength and stamina and from hours of practice.

Despite the various reasons offered, there are still people who think that using a golf GPS device compromises the exciting guesswork of golf. This group of people feel that personal estimates of distances and therefore the appropriate selection of the golf club for the next shot are all part of the skills development of a golfer. Despite this, there are probably more golfers out there today who are happy to play their games of golf with a golf GPS.

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