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GPS Fish Finders Decrease The Chances Of Losing That Big Catch!

GPS fish finders are amazing devices that take away the hassle of hauling in your catch during your fishing expeditions. There is a great variety of GPS fish finders today. Search for 'GPS fish finders' in the Internet using a good search engine like Google to generate a list of links of sites with information regarding these devices. Some sites will have general information regarding these innovative devices; others will have details regarding commercially available models. You can review their features and functions and what they will cost to buy to improve the chances of successful fishing. Here is a summary of some well-known models:

1) Hummingbird 383c GPS Fish Finder Combo

This GPS fish finder has a built-in nautical mile resolution UniMap of USA inland lakes, rivers and coastal areas. In addition, it includes many key features in its package such as an internal 16 channel WAAS GPS receiver with omni-directional antenna for higher performance. This model gives accurate water temperature readings and can be designed for both fresh and saltwater environments.

In addition it also can freeze frame immediately; pause display allowing more time to examine the details. Its compact design is perfect if there is insufficient space on your boat. Moreover, this GPS fish finder can be easily mounted on a mounting space on the boat. This model possesses the DualBeam PLUS sonar, which delivers wider coverage of the bottom. It also makes the job of finding fish much easier with the built in adjustable zoom levels for display.

2) Eagle FishElite 500c GPS Fish Finder

This model is another popular choice for a GPS fish finder. It has a high quality ultra bright and 256 color LCD screen. Furthermore it is a full size combo 200 kHz sonar and mapping GPS and WAAS with 256-color, sunlight-viewable 320Vx240H pixel display.

What is great about this mode is that it offers high definition to help you identify what you are looking for. In fact, the GPS fish finder can reveal fish hidden in underwater color. It also comes with an optional sensor and adjustable ping speed with automatic HyperScroll to show fish targets at higher boat speeds.

This GPS fish finder system also comes with a built-in temperature sensor in the transducer, zoom in bottom tracking and easy zoom in and out control as well as on and off sonar alarms. This model also comes with pre-installed maps of the continental U.S and Hawaii.

Basically, this particular GPS fish finder is good, durable and easy to use. Its internal memory helps to store GPS data and sonar settings. Therefore, with this tool, you can be assured that you will bring in loads of fish home.

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