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A GPS unit is a hand held electronic device that can help you identify your approximate location on the planet. Now, it is becoming a very important device in everyone's daily life. Although GPS is very common nowadays, not everyone owns a GPS unit. Generally, you can find quite a few models available in the market. However, there are a few popular ones that are commonly used by consumers. Listed below are some comparisons of different GPS units.

1) TomTom 910 Go

The highlight of this GPS unit is that it includes all the detailed maps for Europe, USA and Canada on the hard disk. In addition, it also has a built-in mp3 player and also a huge 20 GB of hard disk whereby you can store all your data like mp3 songs or digital photos.

Furthermore, this GPS unit is equipped with voice-enable features, where you can get clear, spoken instructions. It also comes with 36 different languages in over 50 different voices for you to select. What's more it can even announce street and place names.

This GPS unit has a large 4 inch LCD touch screen display that enables you to navigate easily without any hassle. Also, it also can be used as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth technology.

As the maps are already pre-installed onto this GPS unit, all you have to do is enter the destination address and the starting point and this unit will offer you at least four different routes for you to choose from. Furthermore, with audio and visual directions, it's definitely simpler to follow than a normal map.

2) Garmin Quest

This GPS unit is considered one of the best and most durable GPS units available in the market as it has been around for some time. It is suitable for any occasions whether you are going hiking, boating or driving as it is slim and portable and you can simply just slip into your pocket.

This GPS unit has a 256-color bright and sunlight- readable display that makes it easy to view instructions and map details. In addition, it also has a flip up antenna with a 12 channel WAAS GPS receiver that can easily help you identify your position up to 9 feet. Thereafter, after determining your locations, the 20 hours of rechargeable battery life will allow you to reach your destination.

Also, this model of GPS unit comes with a MapSource DVD with street maps and a number of points of interest database. In addition, it also includes 115 megabytes of internal memory to allow you to download data from a variety of MapSource software that enables you to customize your map.

3) Garmin's ETrex Legend

This GPS unit will be a great choice for you if you need something that is sleek and compact and still comes with map details of the Americas, the Atlantic or the Pacific. It also has 8 MB of internal memory for storing optional maps. Being handy, you can carry this GPS unit anywhere whether you are going for hiking or boating. Despite being small, this GPS unit still has a screen size of 160x288 pixels, and also being waterproof, it makes a good choice for people who love traveling and the outdoors.

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