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Mobile GPS technology generally does not require lots of space. However, the software that has to be installed into the GPS device requires significant amounts of memory. The good thing is that over time, the developments in software technology will ensure that software code gets more efficient and will consume less memory space. Not all users need extensive features and functions of mobile GPS devices. Thus, smaller mobile GPS units are now available that can be used by various users with differing needs.

GPS satellites transmit signals to equipment on the ground. Basically, all it needs is a radio emitter and a clock to work. The process is done in a way such that the emitter sends the time reading of the clock to the satellites overhead. After which, the satellites will calculate how much time it took for the radio signal to reach them and calculate the distance from that. Thereafter, three of four satellites will make a comparison of their location and estimate how much time was taken for the signal to reach them. After all of this has been done, they are able to obtain a location accurate to within six inches.

A mobile GPS unit can be shrunk to a size that is small enough to be attached to a pet's collar or even be installed into a mobile phone. There are a variety of uses for mobile GPS devices. Since they are portable, consumers can use them for guidance to their destinations or as tracking devices for objects and living things. For example, not too long ago a small camera equipped with a mobile GPS unit was out in the market. The camera with the built-in mobile GPS unit monitors the places where pictures were taken and is able to create digital maps using the photos to mark locations.

In fact, mobile GPS devices can be installed in other types of electronic devices like laptops. Although laptops are larger, they are just as portable. Mobile GPS devices can easily be attached to laptops via USB cables. With these mobile GPS devices, a laptop installed with such a GPS can now be used in a car to navigate the user based on the information stored in the computer.

Although many airlines allow the use of mobile GPS devices during a flight, there are some that prohibit their use. Therefore, it is important to check with the airline prior to your flight on the use of a mobile GPS. Many airlines today include a channel in the seat back TV which gives generic location details based on the GPS satellite system.

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